Odloži telefon in odpri računalnik. Pripravi si prigrizek, se udobno namesti in uživaj v naši celotni spletni zgodbi. Film brez glavnega igralca tudi ni zanimiv, kajne?


Easter is a typical holiday where a table full of delicious food is a must. We all know what traditional dishes are but if you're like us, you seek for something different and modern. That's why we prepared this recipe which has enough Easter zing that the whole family will like it.
Package of I Like Tofu Fleur de Sel
package of I Like Tofu Smoked
fresh horseradish
oat cream
sweet paprika
lamb's lettuce
olive oil


Put shredded horseradish, cubes of tofu Fleur de Sel, oat cream and some olive oil into a mixer and mix until you get a smooth spread. If the texture is not spreadable enough, you can add some additional drops of oil or water. Add some salt if needed.

Cut some slices of Smoked tofu and sprinkle them with sweet paprika and pepper. Toast them on a hot pan until they become crispy.

Spread some horseradish spread on bread, add some lamb’s lettuce and put two slices of crispy Smoked tofu slices on top.

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