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Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

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1. Is I Like Tofu brand certified organic?
Yes. All products under I Like Tofu brand are certified organic with the organic certification of European Union. Since we are committed to use only high quality ingredients, non of them are genetically modified and all of them are accompanied by an organic certification.
2. Can I recycle your packaging?
Main I Like Tofu packaging is made out of biodegradable carton although vaccum packaging is made out of plastic which allows tofu to be packed in its own juices. Think about environment and recycle it properly.
3. Are your products gluten and lactose free?
I Like Tofu products may contain traces of gluten but you can consume them with no worries if you are lactose intolerant.
4. Do your products include any food allergens?
Only allergen in I Like Tofu products is soy. For more information about ingredients and nutritional values check the Flavors section.