Odloži telefon in odpri računalnik. Pripravi si prigrizek, se udobno namesti in uživaj v naši celotni spletni zgodbi. Film brez glavnega igralca tudi ni zanimiv, kajne?


We love spring herbs from our garden and we adore pancakes, so we decided to combine these ingredients in a new delicious and green dish. We created mini gluten-free pancakes full of chickpea and tofu protein and spring herbs, of course. We suggest you serve them with baby lettuce and a few drops of quality olive oil. Enjoy!
200 g of I Like Tofu Cvet Fleur de Sel
80 g of chickpea flour
tablespoon of chia seeds
spring herbs
olive oil


Put tofu Fleur de Sel in a mixture, add 1 – 2 dl of water and mix until you get a smooth mixture. Take a clean bowl and combine chickpea flour and chia seeds. Turn mixer on and start adding a mixture of flour and seeds. The batter needs to be liquid as batter for regular pancakes. So if you think you need more water, feel free to ad it. At the end add all the herbs, some salt and a teaspoon of olive oil and mix until all the herbs are incorporated with the batter.

Bake the pancakes in a hot pan and serve them with some baby lettuce.

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