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When we were planning this recipe we remembered that during Easter we spend a lot of time with our family. Well, except mornings. Mornings are usually more calm and easy. So we decided to treat you with a nice Easter inspired breakfast you'll definitely enjoy. Prepare it when you wait for your coffee to be done and take some time for yourself while eating it.
Package of I Like Tofu Fleur de Sel
ripe avocado
fresh horseradish
toast bread
olive oil


Take tofu out of a package and scramble it into a hot pan with olive oil. Toast it until crispy and golden. Add some salt if needed and any other spices if you like them.

While you wait for tofu to be ready, put bread slices into a toaster, slice the avocado and grate horseradish.

When all the ingredients are ready, start plating. Put some scrambled tofu on top of toasted bread, add some slices of avocado and sprinkle everything with grated horseradish and fresh oregano.



In case you won’t use a whole avocado, pour some lemon juice over it and save it in a closed container on a kitchen counter for another day. Lemon juice will keep your avocado leftovers fresh.

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