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We’ve prepared a new delicious salad recipe, a bit more crunchy and refreshing this time. Don’t hold back on the diversity for this one, use as many different vegetables as you can, make your bowl as colorful as possible. It's summertime!
1/2 package of I Like Tofu Pesto Basilico
Red raddish
Fresh cucumber
Spring onion
Cherry tomatoes
Soy milk
Lemon juice of 1/2 of lemon
Olive oil


Take the tofu out of the packaging and cut it in half. Return one half back in the package and crush the other 1/2 into a mixer by squeezing it in your palms, essentially breaking it up into small pieces. Add some olive oil, salt and a bit of vinegar along with a few drops of soy milk. It’s best to be conservative when adding fluids, so you don’t make the mix too runny. Turn on the mixer, making sure all the ingredients are mixed into a fine, smooth glaze-like sauce which you will use as dressing for the salad. If the sauce is too thick, you can add some more soy milk, oil or cold water. If it’s too runny, add a bit more tofu.

Clean and cut the vegetables into small pieces (with the exception of corn, which doesn’t need to be cut). Put it into a bowl and pour the tofu dressing over. Mix it well. Taste it, to see if it needs more salt or any other spices which might suit your taste. We recommend putting the salad into the fridge for half an hour, for an added effect of freshness.


Don’t forget the remainder of the tofu (remember, you used only about ½ making the salad dressing). You should use it up within the next few days, just make sure it is stored in an air-sealed cointainer (preferably a glass container) in some water. But of course, you can also just cut it up and use it in this scrumptious salad you’ve just made.

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